Irrigation & Agriculture

SILT has successfully undertaken many projects belonging to irrigation sector in all the diverse topographic regions of Nepal. The Firm is well experienced in detailed feasibility studies, environment friendly design and construction methods. The services provided by the firm belong to the following fields of specialization:

  • Watershed / Water Basin Study and Planning;
  • Gravity Surface Irrigation System, Irrigation/Drainage Network, Irrigation Water Management and Command Area Development;
  • Planning, Design and Operation of Environmentally Sustainable Irrigation Schemes Under Participatory Approach Involving Beneficiaries at Every Stage of Planning and Implementation of Project;
  • Supervision and Quality Control of Construction Works;
  • Preparation of Parcellary Map;
  • Preparation of canal Operation and Maintenance Plans;
  • Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems;
  • PBME survey;
  • Agricultural Development Planning, Agriculture Statistics;
  • General Agricultural Production and Marketing;
  • Agri-economics;
  • Farm to Market Roads;
  • Peoples Participation and Community Mobilization;
  • Integrated Rural Development: Planning Study and Design of Multi-Sectoral Projects including Institutional Development;
  • Land Resources Appraisal/Land Use;
  • Drainage Surveys and Evaluation, Land Drainage Characteristics and Drainage Requirements Identification;
  • Water Resources Appraisal and Use including Water Measurements, Water Quality/ Characteristics Determination, Suitability and Requirements of Water for Irrigation, Planning of Water Use;
  • WUA Organization Formation and Training;
  • Flood/River Control Works, Erosion Control/Soil Conservation; etc.

Major Projects

  • Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project-Component A
    Major Projects
    Irrigation & Agriculture

    Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project-Component A

  • Water Resource Project Preparatory Facility-2
    Major Projects
    Irrigation & Agriculture

    Water Resource Project Preparatory Facility-2