Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project-Component A

The IWRMP is being implemented by the DoI with support from the World Bank which will involve a combination of investments and institutional/policy reforms. The project will improve integrated management of water resources, development and rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructures of Farmer Managed Irrigation Schemes. The Component A of the Project intends to improve irrigation water service delivery in 168 sub-projects with a combined command area about 26,390 ha in the mountain, hill & Terai areas & expand groundwater irrigation through 60 deep tubewel SPs covering about 2, 100 ha in Terai area. The total project cost of Component A is US$ 39. 85 million.

Assist in the surface irrigation sub-project/groundwater cluster study, design, approval and implementation processes in accordance with the procedure/guidelines steps Assist and advise Regional Irrigation Directorates, Irrigation Divisions/Sub-divisions and Groundwater Field Offices on all engineering aspects of project implementation to improve the quality of identification, feasibility studies, design works, construction supervision and monitoring & evaluation Provide inputs as required and agreed with DoI in the institutional reform process, policy and legislative actions etc. Periodically review, improve & update the surface &groundwater procedural guidelines Adopt environmental protection measures required in various FMIS by preparing social and environmental management plans (SEMP) of sub-projects Devise mechanism to effectively involve the potential water users belonging to diverse ethnic groups, different land holdings, tenancy, and gender status in the FMISs Integrate identified social/gender needs and concerns in the establishment and strengthening of WUAs and irrigated agricultural management system Prepare appropriate technical manuals to support skill development training for RID/IDD engineers and technicians, covering use of environmental friendly technology, social concerns, construction in fragile hill zones, groundwater pump/engine O&M, construction quality control, and water management Assist the DoI in conducting training and workshops to improve Dot’s capabilities in participating in and supporting participatory irrigation development Review and refine indicators, in co-ordination with Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Teams, for monitoring and evaluating the impact/performance of sub-• projects/groundwater clusters of IWRMP.

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    Water Resource Project Preparatory Facility-2