Water Resource Project Preparatory Facility-2

ADB and the Government of Nepal are supporting. The Water Resource Project Preparatory Facility (WRPPF) to identify and prepare high-priority water resource management projects for potential funding by the Government, with assistance from the ADB and/or other development partners. WRPPF will assist the Government to ensure that critically important irrigation drainage and flood protection projects are implemented efficiently by advancing the preparatory activities into the loan processing period and ensuring continuity of funding for project preparation. The Department of Irrigation (DOI), in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture (DOA), has been implementing the Community-Managed Irrigation Agriculture Sector Project (CM/ASP) since 2006.

DOI experience in implementing CM/ASP as well as a similar project in the western development regions has been positive, and the Government has requested ADB assistance to finance an extension of CM/ASP country-wide. ADB has set aside $30 million in loan financing for the new project, called CM/ASP-Additional Financing (CM/ASP-AF). The project upgraded irrigation infrastructure to (i) enhance supplementary irrigation during the monsoon season and (ii) where possible, provide irrigation for a second and/or third crop in the summer and/or winter season

The objective of the consulting services is to prepare the 5 AMIS subprojects to the extent that they can be immediately tendered after CM/ASP-AF has been declared effective. The AMIS that will be rehabilitated under Batch-1 CM/ASP-AF is 1. Chapakottar Irrigation System, Syanja district (Net Command Area 885Ha, 25.7 Km Main Canal length with 10.6 Km Branch Canal, 2. Ramgatar Irrigation System, Lamjung district (Net Command Area 220Ha, 8.3 Km Main Canal length with 2.0 Km Branch Canal, 3. Atruliputtar Irrigation System, Tahahun district (Net Command Area 435Ha, 18.22 Km Main Canal length with 9.61 Km Branch Canal, 4.Chaurajharitar Irrigation System, Rukum district (Net Command Area 600Ha, 19.5 Km Main Canal length with 4. 08 Km Branch Canal), and 5. Phalebas Irrigation System, Parbat District (Net Command Area 338Ha, 6. 89 Km Main Canal length (with 4.95 Km Branch Canal.

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