Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (Expressway) Road Project


Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (Expressway) Road Project: Geotechnical Investigations of Tunnel-2 (Dhedre)

FUNDING AGENCY: Government of Nepal
VALUE OF SERVICES: NRS 52,029,900.00 Excluding VAT / USD 445,843.00
LOCATION: Dhedre, Makawanpur

Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Expressway is a mega highway project prioritized as an “infrastructure of national pride” having strategic significance. The Nepali Army considers this mega project as an exceptionally challenging opportunity since the expressway has to be designed and built on par with international standard. Therefore, NA has targeted to build the Expressway as it an “exemplary state of the art of civil construction” in South Asia. More importantly, this Expressway is believed not only becomes a boon but also genesis for a huge socio-economic development in Nepal.

The services to be provided by the Consultant in the Project are:

Geotechnical Investigations of Tunnel-2 (Dhedre) of Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (Expressway) Road Project

  • Rotary Core Drilling with quality core recovery
  • Field In-situ tests (SPT/DCPT, Permeability and Lugeon Tests)
  • Installation of Vibrating Wire Digital Data Acquisition Piezometer in 4 boreholes
  • Laboratory tests of soil, rock and water samples to obtain geo-mechanical properties( Specific Gravity, Natural Moisture Content, Water Absorption and Porosity, Point Load Test, Brazilian Test, Uniaxial Compression Test, Tri-axial Compressive Strength Test, Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s Ratio, Slake Durability, Petrographical Analysis, Joint Shear Test, etc.)

Major Projects

    Geotechnical Investigation